There are many ways to save space and still have things around you that you love and need. On this page, I will be sharing some of my favorite tips with you. If you have some ideas on this subject and would like to share, contact me HERE.

Book Case Storage


  • Eliminate items you don’t absolutely love or need.
  • Go vertical by using wall space for storage.
  • Use dishes, glasses and storage containers that stack.
  • Use furniture that serves more than one purpose. For example, a footstool that has storage space inside.
  • Store out of season items under the bed or where you have space available.
  • Hang an attractive tote bag on the wall to store cooking utensils, magazines and books or office supplies.
  • Use space-saving multi hangers for more room in a closet.

When you have a multiple hanging rack for your towels and facecloths, like I do, it gives you more area to dry them when you have finished using them. At the same time, instead of storing your fresh linens somewhere on a shelf, in a drawer or in a basket you can also use this type of rack, which can literally be hung over any door, to hang your clean linens on to have them handy when you want to use them. It is just another storage solution to save space that can be used for other things. Another tip, you may notice in my picture is that I use smaller bath towels that are not as big and puffy that take up more space and take longer to dry which can save on electricity when using a dryer. over-the-door rack

basket display It can be nice to display favorite things in our Tiny Homes if we can find a spot for them. I found a great wire basket at a yard sale for $1 and put a few things I really like to display on the small table in my bathroom. Wire baskets like this can be used to store things you want to corral but see at the same time. You can store necessities like soaps, toiletries, or things in the kitchen in a basket like this. Solid wicker baskets can be used when you want to have a cleaner look that will hide the contents making the room appear less cluttered.

After living in my tiny house now for over a year, I am continually finding ways to use space in more efficient ways. In the picture of my bathroom above, I show this simple wire basket on the little side table that has a drawer and shelves where I placed painted wicker baskets for attractive hidden storage. But a few months ago I found a dresser that was the perfect size for the area…not too deep and wide enough for plenty of storage, but let’s the door open freely. My son added legs to make space underneath and it fits nicely under the built in medicine cabinet door. Above it on the wall, you’ll see a large mirror I purchase at a yard sale. I painted it white to match the room’s boardwork and added big, decorative hooks that really come in handy, especially in the bathroom. And the mirror not only works as its purpose, but also makes the room look bigger. I used the other little table in a different corner in the great room. Bathroom Dresser